The history of tobacco and Cuban style cigars



Where does tobacco come from?

Tobacco is a plant that is indigenous to the American continents. The oldest cultivation of tobacco has been recorded in the High Rolls Cave in New Mexico around 1400-1000 BC. Nowadays it has been produced in over 100 countries around the globe, for purpose of producing different types for cigars or cigarettes. The cuban style cigars are only the pinnacle of consumption of tobacco in our history.

What was tobacco used for through the history?

Tobacco had many general purposes as it was used for religious, medical and currency purpose. 

Indigenous people were using tobacco for spiritual ceremonies, as they tried to get in a higher state of mind and communicate with their gods. 

Medicinally, they would use it believing the smoking would be a cure it all remedy, as well as dressing wounds after a cut. They also considered it as cure for body pain and tooth ache. 

As currency it was used by some of the first British settlers. In the 1600’s they used tobacco as an exchange value for the imperial government to send them a wife. Some information say the first exchanges were conducted by the farmers for 120 pound of good quality tobacco for a wife. 

The history of the tobacco gets more interesting, as you learn and discover more on daily bases, indeed.

Where is the best tobacco produced?

It is generally considered that the region of Pinar del Rio, Cuba produces the highest rated tobacco in the world. It’s the only part of the world which there is possibility produce filler, binder and wrapper leaves with high quality.

Cigar aficionados around the world are the happiest people when they get a cuban Habano cigar in their collection.

Are the cuban cigars the best in the world?

Cuban cigars are the considered the best in the world, because of combination of few factors. 

First the mild climate and weather conditions, combined with nutritious soil. We must mention the rigorous quality control in every part of the production, storing and aging process. If you combine that with thousands of years of experience of cultivating tobacco from the indigenous people till today, you have your answer. 

Can we buy cuban cigars in USA?

The simple answer to this question NO. You can’t buy cuban cigars or any cuban products in USA, because of the economic embargo imposed on February 7th 1962 by the US government. It was a response to Castro’s nationalization of the American owned oil refinery without compensation. 

Regardless of the embargo, roughly about 6% of cuban cigars are being smoked by Americans. 

I was offered cuban cigars in Miami. Are they real cuban cigars?

In Miami you will get offered cuban cigars often, however it’s illegal to sell cuban products. Also there is a lot of scams, so most likely you will buy some locally produced cigar for a much higher price. They might have a label of a cuban cigar but they are most likely not real. You also might get in trouble with the law.

What kind of cigar should I choose for myself?

Shortly, you have to try a few of them to see what you like. Compare cigars or tobacco with wine and grapes. Every person you know likes to drink a different wine. Someone likes merlot and someone likes chardonnay. 

Tobacco can have different taste and aroma, dependent on many things. Mainly, its regions where it is grown, the soil, the climate, even what was grown the year before on the field. 

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