Miami neighborhoods you should visit



If you ever wondered about which neighborhoods to visit on your next Miami trip, our team has the perfect recommendations. We work all day long to find the best places and areas of our city to visit. You will learn from the people who know every in and out of the Magic City.


South Beach is a world famous neighborhood known for the glamorous nightlife, celebrity-chef eateries and colorful Art Deco Era architecture.You could enjoy the unique cultural activities on daily bases, do people watching in the afternoon, watch a romantic sunset, sip an authentic Cuban style Mojito in a couple of blocks of distance. It’s a real jambalaya of worldly flavors and one of the most diverse communities in the world. The beach is almost 10 miles long and ranges from family friendly to party spots. Our restaurant scene varies from small little family owned eateries, to world famous Michelin star chef places.



Little Havana is the most unique neighborhood in Miami and an enclave of refugees who created an authentic Cuban community. You are offers a chance for full Cuban experience without leaving the country. In a leisurely walk on Calle Ocho guests can experience the food, culture, music and art. On every block you have cigar stores and lounges to buy cigars produced by Cuban exiles. In Casa del Tabaco you can even see master rollers making them in front of you. Feel free to take some pictures or videos. In the Domino Park is the playground of the elders. They play dominos all day long and brag about their victories. But, that’s not all you can see. There is numerous refugee artists, who found their home in Miami. From small galleries, to street mural art, it just doesn’t stop.


Wynwood is very hard to describe. It’s a marvelous mixture of art, clubs and bars, food and culture. But, it’s just different. Probably its the only place in the world, where you can stand on one street and see the works of the great street artists of our age. On the same spot you will se murals of Retna, Cobra, Alec Monopoly and Shepard Fairey. Even if the artists are not so known, still their work looks unbelievable. In a few hours of walking and appreciating art, you will be ready to take a sit and drink and eat. A lot of the restaurants in Wynwood have chefs who have had a Michelin Star. or have learned their craft under a chef who has one.


Coconut Grove is the oldest inhabited neighborhood in all of the Miami-Dade County. The whole area is so historic, because some of the original Bahamian immigrant families are still living there. In the Peacock Park is located the oldest hotel in our city. There is no lack of waterfront dining as there are many restaurants in the area. CocoWalk is a great shopping option for some of the more recognized brands. But, also you can find a lot of small little handcrafted goods done by locals.

If you still have any question about which Miami neighborhoods you should visit you can contact us @foodtoursinmiami. You can also book our South Beach and Little Havana tours and enjoy some of our parts of the city better than anyone. On top of that you can further read our blog so you can find out more about our beautiful city.

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