Parking in Miami and Miami Beach



You thought parking in Miami and Miami Beach is a real hustle? No. We break down all the options for you so you can have a peaceful vacation.

Ever wondered which option is better to utilize on you Miami vacation, rent a car or use shared rides?

Each one of the options has some perks.

Using the UBER/LYFT ride share apps could make your life easier with time looking for parking. The cost could be higher if you are a solo traveler. The best perk is enjoying the ability to have a drink and be worry free about DUI’s.
The ride share apps provide quick access to a car in less than 5 minutes, usually. This is the case regardless of your location or time of the day/night.

If you come with your own car or rent one, you will be more mobile during your vacation, and it could be a cheaper option. On the other side you will have to go through finding the limited offered parking like everyone else in the city. 

Street parking usually costs between $2-4. You only have to be careful and follow the signs about loading zones or residential parking space. Towing services are very quick to pick up the cars, which are improperly parked.

Once you find a parking, its very easy to pay on your phone. You just have to use the correct application to pay for the location.

If you are located on the Miami Beach island then, you can download the PARKMOBILE app or website.
Search for the street signs with the location code.

If you are located on the mainland in the City of Miami, then you have to download the PAYBYPHONE app or their website.
Some locations have time limitations to 3 hours of parking time and no possibility to extend. In this case you can wait until the parking finishes and immediately start a new session. 

As you can see parking in Miami or Miami Beach doesn’t have to hard if you know the few tricks locals know to get around. 

If you are joining one of our walking Miami food tours in South Beach or Little Havana please read the instructions in your reservation for detailed parking instructions. 





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