A TASTE OF REAL MIAMI Beach – South beach food tours


Tour Details


South Beach Food Tours starts on:
Espanola Way Square @
1436 Drexel Avenue,
Miami Beach Florida 33139

Group Size

Maximum number of
guest in a tour is 12


Most of the tours last
around 2.5 hours


We are happy to accommodate
guests with disabilities.


Tours depart at 5PM

Tour Pricing

Adults-$69 & children-$59

South Beach Food Tours is a great outing for your family and friends.

Tour Stops

All the restaurants we are working with are selected by few criteria. Each one is locally family owned and operated. 
These families are 100% involved in the daily operations. We choose 5 of the restaurants depending on daily availability and group size.
Cortadito Coffee house is one of our food tours partners.

Cortadito coffee house

Nothing gives a good image to immigrants, as successful family story. It all started with a dream of couple of friends, to won their own little corner spot. Yet, in the years to come they have had a lot of success in opening few ventanitas all over Miami. A visit to Miami, without stoping by in one of these places is a not really complete.

Havana 1957 is a classic Cuban style restaurant and dinner.

Havana 1957

Every person that has been to Cuba in the 1950's will constantly tell you stories, about the prosperous Cuba and the lifestyle it used to have. This place at least brings us back to that era with the design and the food.
The whole experience feels like a time machine, as the stuff wear attire from that age.

Empanadas on the Food tours in Miami

Charlotte Bakery

What started as an Argentinian Bakery, in 1995, today its operated by a Venezuelan family and runs as a mix of both. You still will find the best of food from the original family and their tradition. The novelty is adding Venezuelan street food. They have an award for the Worlds best empanadas. Well deserved and approved by us.

Boteco Copacabana

A local power couple owning now three restaurants on Espanola Way, did not always have so much to show off. When Manuela started this small Brazilian style in 2008, not so many people believed in the concept. Lots of hard work with her husband Wael allowed them to quadriple the size. Besides tasting authentic brazilian food you can also see the world famous Brazilian Samba dancers and bands.

La Sandwicherie on Our South Beach Food Tours

La Sandwicherie

Mostly famous as the spot everyone goes after parties, to taste the French baguette sandwiches with a Miamian twist. On first sight just a small alley, hole in the wall place, but Franz & Elise kept this place in the family since 1988 and are one of the few most successful restaurants in the city. A place where you will see your bartender to a Hollywood celebrities.

Miami's best Ice cream rolls on our Miami Food Tours in South Beach

Miami 'N' Ice

What says more Miami than a German couple bringing Thai style of ice cream rolls to South Beach. They created a menu that consists half Latin American and half classic American flavors. Katy and Joey easily got melted in the community and are becoming Miamian favorite place to go for ice cream.


Get a deep introduction to everything of Miami on our South Beach Food Tours. Our guide will take you on stroll through the neighborhood to try different foods and learn about the city.


We thrive to create the most authentic local experiences, from our daily tours to private and custom tours around Miami. Feel free to check our South Beach Food Tours calendar bellow or give us a call @ 305-537-8531.

More Food Tours in Miami

Domino players in Little Havana


Trying the Famous Cuban Sandwich, Cuban coffee, eating a freshly made Cuban pastelitos with guava, churros and empanadas in local hidden gems is a must when you come in Little Havana.

Little Havana Food Tours


We will help you organize a private walking food tour in our South Beach and Little Havana neighborhoods for your birthday, team building or family reunions.